Silicon Valley Secrets reveals the magic of Silicon Valley while exploring the lives of the extraordinary people who have made the southern end of San Francisco Bay into the world’s leading center of technical innovation. It explores the origins of the Valley’s success, featuring archival material of the early pioneers from the 1940’s and 1950’s, the nurturing influence of Stanford University, and the entrepreneurs, scientists and venture capitalists who are leading the Valley and the world into an increasingly high-tech, interconnected future.

Ted Unarce, Executive Producer of GTC Films, conducted on-camera interviews with leaders from different Silicon Valley industries, leading Venture Capital firms, and with ambitious young entrepreneurs, most of whom will never make it to the top.

This film taps into the vibrant energy of the dreamers who make Silicon Valley’s culture so unique. By interviewing several rising entrepreneurs, Unarce takes the pulse of the Valley’s culture today while providing a window into technologies of the future. The interviews also explore how new ventures are financed and the effort it takes to attract investors.

The film also shines light on the Valley’s many challenges, including, the misuse of technology by both private and public institutions, the invasions of privacy that technology makes possible, and the implications for culture as our children increasingly spend their time in front of a screen rather than engaging with friends or family.

Has the success of Silicon Valley sowed the seeds of its decline? This film concludes with an overview of the numerous tech hubs that have emerged in the wake of the Valley’s success. From New York City to Bangalore, from Boston to Tel Aviv, the Valley has inspired competition. The film explores whether Silicon Valley has what it takes to stay on top.