Professor, Stanford University

“I believe that the government has to definitely step up to its responsibility to be the overseer of the new technologies – what is permissible and what is not permissible, and not to allow themselves to be bullied by the industries that believe that government exists only to facilitate their own marketing strategies.”

Partner, Director Apax Partners [Navera Trustnode], Performance Works

“You don’t need to come here to build a successful company, but you do need to deal with us in terms of understanding what leading companies are doing, understanding how to partner, understanding how to benefit from the innovation we are doing at places like Stanford and Berkeley.

Board Member, Partner, Cargo Chief Inc, XF Ventures, Vidillion

“I am looking for someone who is going to roll up his sleeves up and is going to be at the front of the charge every day. Someone who has the vision, the passion and the ability to communicate, support and reinforce that passion and vision to his team everyday."

Founder and CEO Keiretsu Forum; GP of Keiretsu Capital

“Try everything and have great initiatives. Try it-- if it doesn’t work, so what?”

Founder, CEO, Investor, People Connect, Runway Incubator
“As you grow a company, you need to keep doing what you are doing, you need to keep looking at what competition is doing, doing what you’re doing better and continue to learn. Anytime you stop learning, your business is going to stop growing.”
Owner, DeLeon Realty

“Why have I recovered so well in my life? The tragedies I’ve had, the ones that impacted me, I never said, 'Why me? Why do these bad things happen to me?' No, it just happened- accept it, optimize it, and move forward. And if my business were to fail, I’d do that same mindset and just jump up. And you dance through life."

Advisory Council--Creative Commons, Board of Director, Consultant, Speaker

“A lot of companies twenty years ago are not here today because weren’t looking at the future at all, they were just doing the same thing they had always been doing and they said, 'We have been doing it for a long time and it worked. Why should we change?' And that’s also one of the problems in education. 'We’ve been teaching the same for 500 years. We’ve been lecturing for 500 years and it seemed to work. Why should we change?' We should change because the world has changed.”

Country Supervisor - County of Santa Clara, Attorney of Counsel - Van Keulen & Van Keulen

“I think the culture here is if you lose, that’s okay. Just don’t stay in a slump and don’t stay in the losing streak. The important thing is to win and to learn from that loss.”

Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

“The world is changing because of technology and Silicon Valley invents most of the technology that drives these changes.”

Partner, Primordial Design, Inc.

“One of the mistakes people make is, 'I have a great idea and that’s all that I need.' In reality, I think it is now less about the idea and probably more about the execution. And execution requires a lot."